Product Name : Ultrasonic Vegetable and Fruit Cleaning Machine(KVC300)
Product Description

Product Description :

Ultrasonic vegetable and fruit cleaning machine apply the CAVITATION effect of ultrasonic cleaning, can effectively reduce pesticide residues when cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Dishes and pots do not need to be deliberately arranged, and do not need to use special cleaning agents, after placing dishes in the soaking water, turn on the ultrasound wave and use the high frequency with tens of thousands of times per second to shake off the dirt , no need to wash with the scouring pad, in addition to cleaning the seafood or the glasses, gold, denture, razor, etc. Any items could be immersed in the water are suitable for this cleaning machine.

Product Features:

  • Tabletop type design -- without embedded or modify existing kitchen counter.  
  • Adjustable directional drainage design - -adjust the drain pipe direction according to the position.
  • Additional long adjustable drain pipe -- adjustable drain pipe in length, directly drain into the current sink.
  • Plenty of ultrasonic power --300 W and 40,000 high frequency oscillations per second, effectively reducing pesticide residues.
  • Touch panel design - easy to operate and stylish.
Product details
Dimensions 500x280x275 mm
Inner tank size 320x210x160 mm
Tank capacity 10.7 L
Tank material SUS 304 thickness 1.2mm
Ultrasonic power 300W
Ultrasonic frequency 40Khz Operating voltage: 110V or 220V