Product Name : Single Tank 1-Piece Ultrasonic Tank
Product Description


This series of single-tank ultrasonic cleaners is suitable for cleaning workpieces from all walks of life. For example pre-plating cleaning of electroplated parts, watch parts, hardware machinery parts, filter spinning nozzles of chemical fiber industry, semiconductor wafers, tools, lenses, glasses frames, jewelry, glassware, etc.


  • Full imported stainless steel structure ‘Thick inner tank stainless steel plate’ Acid and alkali resistance ’Beautiful and durable.
  • Adopting high "Q" value transducer and West Germany bonding technology, the ultrasonic output power is large.
  • Set the solvent heating and temperature automatic constant temperature device, the temperature control range is room temperature ~ 120 ℃.
Product details

How does an Industrial Ultrasonic Tank work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is conducted in a liquid at a high-speed oscillation of 40,000 times per second, which promotes the action of the medium, causing pressure changes between the molecules of the liquid, causing cavitation.

When such a tiny vacuum bubble is ruptured under pressure and rupture, a strong impact force is generated, and the surface of the cleaning object and the dirt of the dead space are peeled off, and the function of thorough cleaning is achieved.

Due to cavitation, ultrasonic waves can "crush" and disperse dirt such as grease on the surface of objects existing in a liquid medium, such as fruits, mechanical parts, integrated circuit chips, textiles, etc., and then be washed away by the flowing liquid. The surface of an object plays a role in cleaning the surface of the object.
Ultrasonic cleaning has been widely used in industry. It has high cleaning efficiency and good cleanliness, especially for cleaning some objects with complex surface shapes.

What are the characteristics of industrial ultrasonic tank?

Ultrasonic cleaning and a variety of chemical, physical, electrochemical and physical cleaning methods, compared with the following unique advantages:

  • can quickly and thoroughly remove all kinds of dirt on the surface of the workpiece.
  • Can clean precision parts with cavities, grooves and other complex shapes.
  • No damage to the surface of the workpiece.
  • Various cleaning agents can be used.
  • It can be cleaned at room temperature or with appropriate heating (about 60℃).
  • One-piece structure of the machine makes it easy to move.
  • Save solvent, cleaning paper, energy, working place and labor.

Ultrasonic application range

  1. Electronic appliances mainly clean the solder on switches, integrated circuits, electronic circuit boards, semiconductor components, silicon wafers, quartz crystals, magnetic heads, tapes, optical disks, optical fibers, relays, capacitors, alarms, memories, liquid crystal displays, and hard disk components. , oil stains, rosin, preservatives, paraffin, oxides, rust, etc.
  2. Precious metals and jewelry are mainly used to clean paint, spray paint, composites, etc. such as jewelry, necklaces, jade, watches, glasses, etc.
  3. The automotive industry mainly cleans grease, preservatives, plastic residues, abrasives, and graphite on valves, ignition plugs, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, battery electrodes, piston rings, and machine control panel parts.
  4. The aviation industry mainly cleans oxides, dust, chips, rust, carbon, and scale on fuel filters, flow control equipment, gyroscopes, satellites, and aviation hydraulic systems.
  5. The electroplating industry mainly cleans vernier calipers, tooling fixtures, eyeglass frames, surgical instruments, dental tools, hardware, watch parts, fishing gear accessories and other metal structural parts before plating, cleaning grease, rust, phosphide, etc.
  6. The printing and textile industries mainly clean rotary machines, spinnerets, and polyester filter elements to remove micropores, ink stains, fingerprints, oil, and dyes.
  7. Electric power mainly cleans ink, oil, dust, rust, etc. on street lamps, power meters, light bulbs, telex machines, insulators, etc.
  8. Vacuum ion coating mainly cleans lenses, resin sheets, glass, lighting, arts and crafts, etc. before coating and removes oil stains, fingerprints, dust, and oxides.
  9. Medical equipment is mainly used to clean blood, gel, fingerprints, food residues, and proteins on syringes, pipettes, glass containers, pacemakers, esophagoscopes, proctoscopes, directional mirrors, artificial organs, etc.
  10. Precision machinery mainly cleans abrasives, iron filings, anti-rust agents, compounds, and cooling on screws, nozzles, gears, springs, bearings, lead frames, manufacturing machinery, fully enclosed compressors, heat exchangers, and precision valves. oil, polish, oxide
Model L-10600L-10900L-11200L-11500L-11800
Inner tank size 400x300x330 450x350x380 500x400x400 550x450x420 600x500x440
Outer tank size 660x360x530 710x410x580 760x460x600 810x510x620 860x560x640
Ultrasonic output 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W
Output frequency 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz
Capacity 40L 60L 76L 99L 126L

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Many different parts need to be cleaned in industrial production.

Therefore, having an industrial cleaning machine can help you improve your productivity.

As the best manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic tanks, we can customize the machine according to your needs, such as cleaning capacity, workpiece material, and dirt.

We can provide customized ultrasonic tank equipment according to your needs, such as cleaning capacity, workpiece material, and dirt removal.

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