Product Name : Single tank 2-piece ultrasonic cleaner
Product Description


This series is suitable for cleaning workpieces in various industries. For example: cleaning of electroplated parts before plating, clock parts, hardware machinery parts, chemical fiber filter spinning nozzles, semiconductor wafers, tools, lenses, glasses frames, jewelry, glassware, etc.


  • All imported stainless steel structure ‘Thick inner tank stainless steel plate’ Acid and alkali resistant ’Beautiful and durable.
  • Adopt high “Q” value transducer and West Germany bonding process, the ultrasonic output power is large.
  • Set up solvent heating and temperature automatic constant temperature device, temperature control range is room temperature ~ 120 ℃.
  • The ultrasonic tank is separated from the ultrasonic generator and connected by a high-frequency wire socket, which is convenient to use and maintain.
Product details
Inner tank size 400x300x330 450x350x380 500x400x400 550x450x420 600x500x440
Outer tank size 530x360x480 580x410x530 630x460x550 680x510x580 730x560x590
Ultrasonic output 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W
Output frequency 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz
Capacity 40L 60L 76L 99L 126L