Product Name : Automatic lifting ultrasonic cleaning machine
Product Description

Scope of application:

This series is suitable for cleaning workpieces from all walks of life. For example: cleaning 'plate parts' before plating, hardware parts, chemical fiber spinning nozzles, semiconductor wafers, tools, lenses, glasses frames, jewelry, glassware, optical lenses, Non-marking treatment of lenses.


  • Full imported stainless steel structure ‘thick Inner tank stainless steel plate’ Acid and alkali resistance ’Beautiful and durable.
  • Adopting high "Q" value transducer and West Germany bonding technology, the ultrasonic output power is large.
  • Can set up solvent heating and temperature automatic constant temperature device.
  • When machine start cleaning, the basket will automatically descend, when the cleaning is end, the basket will rise by itself, and the cleaning time and rising speed can be adjusted.
  • This series has no fixed specifications and can be designed and manufactured according to requirements. Welcome to contact us!