Product Name : Industrial Oven
Product Description


Electronic, electrical, electroplating, rubber, plastic, metal, chemical, food, printing, pharmaceutical, roasted tea, paint .... And other industrial baking drying, curing, tempering, preheating, experiment .... And other uses

Machine characteristics:

  • The hot air circulation method is adopted to make the temperature distribution in the oven more uniform and accurate.
  • Temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Oven interior material can be changed as required
  • All equipment add over-temperature controller to prevent the oven temperature out of control and causing danger.
Product details
W X D X H (CM)
W X D X H (CM)
AC 50 / 60HZ
LEO-LS-1 45x40x40 70x60x100 110V or 220V 2 4
LEO-LS-2 60x50x50 88x70x112 110V or 220V 3 5
LEO-LS-3 60x50x90 88x70x155 220V or 380V 4 8
LEO-LS-4 80x60x100 108x80x164 220V or 380V 5 10
LEO-LS-5 100x60x100 132x80x174 220V or 380V 7 10
LEO-LS-6 120x60x100 150x80x174 220V or 380V 8 10
LEO-LS-7 140x60x120 175x80x194 220V or 380V 11 12
LEO-LS-8 160x80x140 200x100x220 220V or 380V 14 14
LEO-LS-9 180x100x140 220x120x220 220V or 380V 19 14
LEO-LS-10 200x120x160 240x140x240 220V or 380V 25 16