Product Name : Immersible transducer pack
Product Description


Immersible ultrasonic transducer system consists of 2 parts, a transducer box and a generator. The transducer box is suitable to put into any kind of washing tanks to convert it into ultrasonic cleaners. The transducer box and the generator leading tube can be installed on the bottom, side and top according to its installed position to satisfy different cleaning requests.


  • Complete unit made of exotic stainless steel is not only of acid and alkali resistant but also aesthetic and durable.
  • Separated transducer box and generator are connected via a high frequency cable connector, which can facilitate usage, maintenance and repair.
  • The transducer box is flexible to be installed on the bottom, side or top of the washing tank as required.
Product details
Transducer box size 200x280x100 300x350x100 400x350x100 500x450x100 520x450x100 630x470x100
Ultrasonic output 300W 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W
Output frequency 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz 28 or 40KHz