Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner Types

For over three decades, LEO Ultrasonic has been a trailblazer in the realm of custom large ultrasonic cleaners, boasting unparalleled expertise in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning equipment. With a commitment to addressing diverse industry cleaning needs, we provide an array of large custom ultrasonic cleaners that cater to an extensive spectrum of industries, encompassing electronics, optical glass, machinery parts, solar energy plates, semiconductor wafers, metal stamping, resin lenses, textiles, medical instruments, and more. Each specialized custom ultrasonic cleaner machine is meticulously crafted to meet the intricate components cleaning requirements of these diverse sectors.

Choose LEO Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner Advantages

  • LEO custom large ultrasonic cleaners offer the versatility and precision to provide thorough and non-invasive cleaning, reaching hard-to-reach areas without compromising the integrity of delicate parts.
  • Customization lies at the heart of LEO's offerings for traders, addressing specific market needs by providing equipment tailored in size, capacity, and functionality.
  • Our dedicated technical support team ensures seamless installation, operation, and maintenance, empowering customers to maximize equipment performance.
  • Provide swift responses to needs, offering flexible delivery and service options. Besides also provides competitive pricing, and supports business on a global scale.
If you need the above-mentioned customized large ultrasonic cleaner, please provide the size, structure, and quantity of parts to be cleaned so that we can assist you in evaluating the customized ultrasonic cleaning machine, or directly provide samples for cleaning.

Electronic parts

Optical glass

Machinery parts

Solar Energy Plate & Semiconductor Wafer

Metal stamping

Resin Lens / Nameplate


Medical & Surgical