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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

LEO provides a wide range of industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment that are all made of stainless steel, including single-tank 1-piece ultrasonic cleaning machines, single-tank 2-piece ultrasonic cleaners, double-tank integrated Ultrasonic cleaning machines and automatic lifting ultrasonic cleaners. They are beautiful and durable, acid and alkali-resistant and can save a lot of cleaning labor costs.
Since 1987, LEO Corporation has helped businesses increase profitability by spending less time and using fewer personnel to meet industrial cleaning needs. Our ultrasonic cleaners clean more thoroughly, effectively and faster than other cleaning methods, meeting your needs. We also serve many industries, so you are welcome to contact our team today to learn how our cleaning technology can help you maximize your profits.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Types

What are industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are designed to clean and process parts of large and heavy equipment, through the high-frequency vibration characteristics of ultrasonic waves. they can easily achieve all-round cleaning with no blind spots. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is designed with an internal tank volume, the largest ultrasonic water tanks can include 1,000 gallons or larger water tanks and can be adapted to ultrasonic frequencies between (25-40 kHz) that require lower frequencies.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Working Principle

The working principle of ultrasonic cleaning is using water or solvents to stir the liquid through cavitation bubbles caused by high-frequency pressure (sound waves), and completely remove all traces of contaminants that are closely attached or embedded on the solid surface, including Deep holes and gaps, such as contaminants attached to metal, plastic, glass, rubber, ceramics and other materials, are most commonly used in various industrial parts, automotive parts, mechanical parts, electronic parts, optical parts, and medical parts, aviation parts, electroplating, painting and vacuum coating pre-treatment, etc.