The Importance of Hygiene in the Food Industry

Do you know? The pots and pans that were not cleaned overnight, the amount of bacteria was 480,000 times the original! When modern people choose a restaurant, they usually pursue hygiene and cleanliness as the top priority. Therefore, be a restaurant operator, if the dish is not cleaned and it is easy to become a consumer's health worry! Using an ultrasonic commercial dishwasher, you are not afraid to scrub before closing the restaurant, you can also ensure that the pots and pans are clean and tidy.

Understanding Ultrasonic Cleaning

Why is the ultrasonic commercial dishwasher capable of achieving such a powerful bacteriostatic effect? Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of high-speed vibration in liquid to generate a large number of bubbles, and these dense small bubbles, when compressed under pressure, will produce a powerful impact, also known as the "cavitation effect." This function can peel off the surface of the cleaning object and the dirt at the corner of the slit and achieve the function of omnidirectional, thorough cleaning without a dead angle.

Ultrasonic Dishwashers Principle

The principle of the traditional dishwasher is to use high-temperature sterilization, although it can successfully kill some germs, but the effect is not satisfactory. Ultrasonic dishwashers use the above-mentioned "cavitation" to kill most bacteria. The cleaned instruments have been tested in SGS, and all utensils have not detected oleaginous residues and E. coli. It not only proves that the ultrasonic commercial dishwasher can do the sterilization but also makes the dish look smoother and cleaner.

Ultrasonic Dishwashers

Ultrasonic Dishwashers Advantage

In addition to the SGS certification, the commercial washing machine has fewer complex operations such as motors and circulating water systems. Everything is done with quiet vibrations of water molecules, so it also saves water and electricity, small noise, it’s more convenient and easy to use. In addition to the daily dishes of the restaurant, you can even clean large pots, whether it is a huge wok or a multi-layered pot. You don't need uniform specifications, should not "modify angle," just put it in the ultrasonic commercial wash. it

A Must-Have for Restaurant Kitchens

LEO Ultrasonic Dishwasher has the advantages that other products do not have in terms of detergency, convenience, and capacity, and it can be “customized” to create a competent assistant in the restaurant and solve annoying and dirty bacteria on the tableware, bringing consumers the cleanest food feast.

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