-For small and medium catering industry-

Three characteristics of the machine:

- Profession

  • No special cleaner required
  • No dead corners for cleaning, no need to arrange the dishes neatly
  • The inner and outer tanks are made of stainless steel # 304, which is durable and can replace the existing dishwashing tank

- Safety

  • With earth leakage circuit breaker, safety and security guaranteed
  • After SGS inspection, "oily residue" did not remain after cleaning; "E. coli" was not detected

- Convenience

  • Can replace manual brushing procedures, saving manpower.
  • Easy to operate and easy to use, it is a good helper in your business.
  • Washable large pots or large kitchen utensils pots, bowls, scoops, pots, clips can be placed in the wash
 Manual cleaningGeneral dishwasherUltrasonic dishwasher
 Water Consumption Three-tanks washing method
Water consumption at each stage.
save about 40% of water, use it repeatedly. Need to rinse after completion, save about 30% of water.
  Power consumption no electricity required.
 With motor and heating device, it consumes less power.  No motor and heating device, adopts high-tech ultrasonic cleaning method, and saves electricity.
Cleanliness Not sure.  Tableware are conditional, must be arranged according to regulations, cleaned with dead corners.   Tableware that can be placed inside all could be cleaned, all-round cleaning, no dead ends.
Sterilization   Maybe 70% of the nominal. Claimed to be 95%. By SGS test
oily residue ~ no residue,
E. coli ~ not be detected.
Dryness No, it can be used with a dish dryer. 90%, but it must be used with rinse dry (chemical). No, It can be used with a dish dryer.
Staff costs consumes manpower, staff recruitment is not easy. To save manpower, but it is necessary to arrange tableware by special person. Save about 50% of manpower. After put tableware in, you can do other things, and rinse after finish.
General Detergents dishwashing detergents are used in large amounts. Special cleaning agents are required. General dishwashing detergents are used in small amounts.

"Thank you for your support!"

Ultrasonic dishwasher is a good helper in your kitchen
Clean with no dead angles, save water, save effort!
Your best choice!

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