Remove pesticides, peace of mind, secret technique disclose

- What is Pesticides?

What is Pesticides

Pesticide, in simple terms, is a chemical that hinders the growth of crops. The pesticides currently used internationally include: fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, molluscicides, and plant growth regulators, etc., almost all pesticides on the market contain ingredients that pose a threat to the organism, and thus cause harm to the human body.

However, if pesticides are not applied to crops, there will be doubts about insect bites, parasites and bacteria breeding. In addition, the "organic agricultural products" currently on the market, although not using chemical products, can use organic pesticides and fertilizers. Livestock manure is a source of organic fertilizers, including Salmonella and Listeria, so it needs to be cleaned! Therefore, whether you choose organic or general agricultural products, for our health and hygiene, what we can do is to clean vegetables and fruits, so that we can embrace a healthy life with peace of mind and happiness!

- How to Quickly Clean Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables?

It is believed that for many people, washing fruits and vegetables is a rather cumbersome and time-consuming thing, and it is impossible to ensure that pesticides can be cleaned 100%. Therefore, vegetable and fruit cleansers appear on the market, but vegetable and fruit cleansers are not almighty, although they can be washed more than pesticide residues in water washing, it may also cause health concerns about the residues of fruits and vegetable cleaners on fruits and vegetables!

In addition, cleaning also requires time and labor costs. Whether office workers or professional women, manual cleaning is definitely not an excellent choice if you want to make good use of time. Because of this, the saying goes, "Technology begins with humanity." The demand for automatic cleaning has increased, and technology and products have also been on the table.

Clean Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables

- Ultrasonic Vegetable and Fruit Cleaning Machine Solves Pesticide Problems!

In order to solve the problem of uncleanness, waste of time and labor costs, Kitamoto has developed a revolutionary product for home and fruit cleansing - the ultrasonic washing machine for fruit and vegetables, which introduces "Ultrasonic washing Technology" with high-speed shock of 40,000 times causes the pressure of the liquid molecules to change and the bubbles grow and enlarge, and then the "cavitation effect" caused by the burst, so that every corner of the fruits and vegetables can be washed without dead ends!

Not only that, but even cups, dishes and glasses, you can use the ultrasonic vegetable and fruit cleaning machine to clean quickly and efficiently. Combine the three advantages of water saving, low noise and thorough cleaning, so that you have the most time, convenience, health and peace of mind cleaning experience!