Cleaning means removing liquid and solid contaminants from the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece clean. The cleaning process is the interaction of cleaning media, contaminants, and workpiece surfaces. It is a complex physical, chemical process.

Cleaning is not only related to the nature, type, morphology and degree of adhesion of the contaminant, Qualitative physical and chemical properties, cleaning function, material of the workpiece, surface state, and such as temperature, pressure and additional ultrasonic vibration, mechanical external force and other factors.

Choosing a scientific and rational cleaning process requires process analysis.

This type of machine uses municipal water plus a little water-soluble cleaning agent to form a cleaning solution, so the cost of use is lower. Widely used in hardware, electronics, watches, machinery, tools, glasses, jewelry, etc. Cleaning of the conductor silicon chip, polyester spinneret and polyester filter and glassware.