Three steps for ultrasonic cleaning of glasses

● STEP 1: Pour clean water into the machine until it is about 7/10 or 8/10 of water in the tank.

● STEP 2: Insert glasses.

● STEP 3: Press the on/off power switch.

This video introduces ultrasonic cleaning the amazing effect of cleaning glasses. You can use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to easily achieve deep cleaning results, such as the areas behind the nose pads and the edges of the glass frames that cannot be cleaned normally are placed in ultrasonic cleaning. Instantly the dirt floats out in the form of white mist. In addition to cleaning glasses, they can also be used as razors or electric toothbrush heads, dentures, dental appliances, orthodontic maintainers, etc.,

The LEO-50 home ultrasonic cleaner is a type of mini ultrasonic cleaner that uses the principle of ultrasonic cleaning to cause water molecules to create a cavitation effect and penetrate deep into the gaps of the objects to be cleaned to bring out dirt. If you need other specification digital ultrasonic cleaners, welcome to visit our products!