Ultrasound in a certain frequency range act in the liquid medium to clean the workpiece. Since its inception, this cleaning technology has received widespread attention from all walks of life. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines has greatly improved the work efficiency and cleaning accuracy.

In the past, cleaning dead corners, blind holes and hard-to-reach dirt and dirt have always caused people to feel headaches. In recent years, The development and application of new technologies makes this task a breeze, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has evolved over several generations, and the technology has become more advanced and more effective. Similarly, its price has been accepted by society and has been widely used in all walks of life.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment consists mainly of the following components:

1. Cleaning tank: It is made of stainless steel to be washed, and can be installed with heating and temperature control devices. The ultrasonic transducer is bonded to the bottom of the cleaning tank.

2. Transducer (ultrasonic generator): convert electrical energy into mechanical energy piezoelectric ceramic transducer, frequency, power depending on the specific model.

3.  Power supply: Provide the required power of inverter power supply for the transducer, import IGBT components, and install overcurrent protection circuit. After the transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy, it generates a high-frequency vibration with a very small amplitude and propagates into the solution in the tank. Under the action of the transducer, the inside of the cleaning fluid will continuously generate a large number of tiny bubbles and burst in an instant, the bursting of each bubble produces hundreds of degrees of high temperature and nearly a thousand atmospheric shock waves, which flushes the workpiece quickly.

According to the cleaning principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, we can easily understand why its cleaning efficiency and effect are excellent.

1. No matter how complicated the shape of the workpiece is, put it into the cleaning liquid, as long as it can contact the liquid, the ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved.

2. The bubbles generated in the liquid during cleaning are very uniform, and the cleaning effect of the workpiece will be very uniform.

3. With the use of cleaning agents, accelerate the separation and dissolution of pollutants, can effectively prevent the corrosion of the cleaning fluid on the workpiece.

4. No manual cleaning is required, which eliminates the damage caused by manual cleaning on the workpiece and avoids heavy & dirty physical labor.

In every industry we knew, almost every industry has its application to ultrasonic cleaning machines, such as: machinery industry; surface treatment industry; medical industry; instrumentation industry; electromechanical electronics industry; optical industry; semiconductor industry; science and education culture; watch and jewelry; petrochemical industry; textile printing and dyeing industry;