Dual-Tank Automatic Lifting Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Application Range: The LEO Ultrasonic Co., Ltd., a dual-tank automatic lifting ultrasonic cleaning machine is specifically designed for the cleaning of hand tools and small parts. It is an ideal choice for factories looking to improve their cleaning efficiency and quality.

How to Dual-Tank Automatic Lifting Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Work?

1. First Stage: Ultrasonic Chemical Cleaning - Utilizes ultrasonic technology and specialized cleaning agents to penetrate the fine crevices of the workpieces, achieving thorough deep cleaning.

2. Second Stage: Automatic Lifting and Transition - After cleaning, the carrier automatically lifts and is then manually moved to the second tank.

3. Third Stage: Clear Water Soaking - In the second tank, soaking in clear water perfectly removes any remaining cleaning agents, further conditioning and protecting the workpieces.

4. Completion Stage: Automatic Dripping and Ending - After soaking, the carrier lifts again to drip off the water, completing the entire cleaning process.

Technical Advantages:

● Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: High-frequency vibration waves effectively remove grease and impurities, refreshing even the hardest-to-clean parts.

● Automated Operation: Integrates automatic lifting and timing functions to greatly reduce the labor intensity and potential for operator error.

● Ergonomic Design: The machine is designed for ease of use and safety, conforming to ergonomic standards in industrial production.

Application Value: This cleaning machine not only enhances cleaning efficiency but also ensures the quality of cleaning. It is widely used for cleaning various hand tools and precision parts, making it an essential tool for boosting factory productivity and product quality.