Cleaning the circuit board with an ultrasonic cleaning machine is a good method. The cleaned circuit board is as clean as new. Using the principle of ultrasonic, the electric energy is converted into mechanical vibration to generate high-pressure bubbles, and the bursting force of the air bubbles is used to impact the circuit board. Pay attention to the correct selection of ultrasonic power when cleaning the board.

Do not adjust the ultrasonic power too much during the cleaning process. The power & volume of the container and the amount of the cleaning circuit board are generally proportional. The ultrasonic power to be used depends on the amount of the cleaning circuit board. Generally, it is only suitable for the large-scale circuit boards, the solutions used to clean the circuit boards can generally be used. When cleaning the circuit boards, be careful not to pile them up in disorder, and order them in the tank body. The messy stacking affects the cleaning effect. Use solvent as organic solvent or special cleaning agent for circuit board. It is not suitable to use absolute ethanol (anhydrous alcohol), otherwise the circuit board will be white, commonly known as white spot.